Who we are

We design, develop and optimize software and mobile apps. We create innovative projects for our clients. We make digital life easier, sexier and much more profitable. And you, do you have a software or business idea?.

Our History and Mission
Company founded in February 2010, by two Ex-a-Tec, within the CIT Technology Park of ITESM Campus Puebla, dedicated to the development of products, solutions and services related to the area of ​​information technology and electronics. Pioneers in Mexico in the area of ​​interactive applications, multitouch screens and mobile applications.

At Technit our mission is to provide solutions in information and electronic technologies to our clients, development through the use of technological innovation, process optimization through automation, development of applications and web systems tailored to our clients, the development of software and electronics technology.

  • Software as a Service
  • PWA, iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • E-commerce
  • Web Design & Development
  • Control Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Health Tech
  • Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Signage & Multitouch
  • Social Media Marketing

At Technit we can develop your project from start to finish, there are no limits. We also have various strategic alliances that allow us to offer more products and services and that in turn increase our experience, value and strategies.

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We Thank Our Clients!

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Technit currently has a software development and sales office in Nuremberg, Germany. We are in the process of formalizing the company to be able to offer our products and services throughout the European Continent.